Wellnessroom Amsterdam

Pure Altitude


pure ALTITUDE is a luxury skincare line for face and body with specially developed spa & beauty treatments, initially designed by the ‘Les Fermes de Marie’ in the French Alps. The absolute star of the range is the edelweiss, combined with well over 50 different extracts of Alpine plants. Every stage of the process is carefully controlled and carried out with utmost respect for the environment. pure ALTITUDEproducts are continuously tested for maximal efficiency and dermatological tolerance, however they are strictly not tested on animals, nor do they contain any animal substances. To guarantee effectiveness,pure ALTITUDE uses exclusively herbal ingredients: in addition to the edelweiss each product contains a composition of minerals and plant extracts with well documented cosmetic properties – including homeopathic classics such as gentian, horsetail, arnica, buddleia, masterwort and many others. Body creams are refined with mineral extracts which are known for their de-stressing properties. In combination with the pure Miage glacier spring water from the foot of Mont Blanc, the pure ALTITUDE line unites all these precious ingredients in an exceptional cosmetic range.


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